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UCPCC hearts filled with support from our community

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

United Cerebral Palsy Central California has been working hard to research and apply for grant support and come up with ways to raise funds throughout 2020, knowing that kind of support might not be as readily available as in previous years.

Our community never lets us down. During the last few months of 2020, that fact was evident in the funds raised through events like Giving Tuesday, our Annual Campaign, and the announcement of grants awarded to UCPCC, including:

· Kaiser Permanente granted UCPCC $25,000 to support our technology needs to offer services to students in a remote setting. We will be using the funds to purchase tablets and other hardware and supplies to help staff and students alike.

· The Batton Foundation granted UCPCC $10,000 to put toward creating a bathroom facility at our student garden in Fresno.

· The Sence Foundation granted UCPCC $5,000 to support our Parent & Me program in Kings County.

· The Fresno Rotary granted UCPCC $5,000 to support our refurbished kitchen area at our Arts and Technology Center. When students return, they will get to use a new stove and dishwasher with cabinets and countertops that have been redone, as well.

· The Cultural Arts Rotary Club of Fresno granted UCPCC $1,500 to support our art programs. We will be using the funds to purchase art supplies that will be used in our remote learning programs.

· Our Annual Campaign has so far raised more than $2,000 and Giving Tuesday, which is held the first Tuesday of December, raised more than $400 from community supporters.

We are grateful for all the support we receive from our community members, businesses and other nonprofit organizations. Without your help, we cannot meet the needs of our students with disabilities and their families. Thank you for your help!


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