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Mary - Fresno, Home Adaptive Program

Mary has been a member of UCPCC’s Home Adaptive Physical Exercise Program since December 2018.

Mary works with technicians several times during the week to help improve her walking, overall strength, balance and stability.

When Mary isn’t working hard at UCPCC, she likes to color or just hang out at home and relax. She also enjoys shopping.

Shortly after starting the program, Mary ended up having casts put on her left leg and both of her arms. Even though Mary had to be in a wheelchair and not use her walker to get around , she was determined to complete her exercises and stretching to keep up her mobility.

Mary has made great strides to become more mobile with and without her walker. She loves riding the stationary bicycle and going for short walks.

When asked what she wants people to know about UCPCC, Mary says, “It’s fun, and it’s a good program.”

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