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Malachi - Hanford, Parent & Me

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

When Malachi was a baby, mom enrolled him in our Kettleman City Parent & Me Program. He met all his developmental milestones expect one…language. The teachers in our Kettleman City program referred him to our therapists for a screening. Because he had more than a 33% delay in his language, they referred him to Central Valley Regional Center. Partnering with CVRC, our therapists did a full assessment and Malachi qualified for early intervention services. Malachi continued to attend the Parent & Me program along with receiving the early intervention services.

Mom said she was so scared because he couldn’t speak, he had no vocabulary and he didn’t play with other kids. She was concerned about autism. After participating in both UCP programs, Malachi graduated at three years old reaching all his developmental milestones and was completely caught up. Mom will be forever grateful for the services she and her son received at UCP.

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