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Buy Rare Earth Coffee and support UCPCC at the same time

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

United Cerebral Palsy Central California has been fortunate even during a year of turmoil to maintain relationships with businesses around the Valley that continue to believe in the mission of our organization: to further the independence and success of people with


$1 from every bag of this blend sold goes to UCPCC.

Johnny Quik Food Stores and Rare Earth Coffee are just two of those incredible businesses.

Rare Earth Coffee is donating $1 from every bag of their Ethiopian Reserve Roast and $.25 from each of their other blends of coffee sold to support UCPCC’s programs. The coffee is currently being retailed at and at area Johnny Quik Food Stores and Save Marts.

According to Trevor Beal, co-owner of Rare Earth Coffee, his family’s businesses have been supporting UCPCC since the late 1980s. Ernie Beal, co-founder of Johnny Quik Food Stores and founder of Rare Earth Coffee, was first introduced to UCPCC by Bud Richter, who opened up the local Pepsi bottling plant, Trevor Beal says.

“More recently, Rare Earth Coffee has blossomed into a business that is now able to support UCPCC,” Beal says. “The impact of the students and staff of UCPCC has had a decades-long effect on our entire company and inspired us to use all of our businesses to help support UCPCC in some form or another.”

Beal says UCPCC has been an important focus within their businesses because they are in the position to help. For example, in most Johnny Quik Food Stores you can find change collection boxes, where shoppers can drop off change that gets donated to UCPCC. The collection boxes have managed to raise thousands of dollars over the years for UCPCC, Beal says.

“It is really amazing the effect that extra change can have over the years,” Beal says. “In our Rare Earth Coffee business, we have found a new area where we can help support the amazing students of UCPCC.

“We were about to debut a new single origin roast at Rare Earth that is one of the best coffee's we have ever created,” he adds. “When contemplating how this coffee could make a difference in our community, UCPCC jumped out at us as the perfect place to support with this awesome new roast.”

Rare Earth will be showcasing the “unstoppable spirits” that make UCPCC thrive, with short narratives about the students, families and caregivers connected to UCPCC on the back of bags of their new Ethiopian Reserve Roast coffee.

“We knew that this coffee was going to impress our customers and coffee lovers all over but we knew it could do more than just be a really good roast,” Beal says. “We decided to approach UCPCC about using this new unique roast to feature stories about their unstoppable network of students and supporters.

“It is our goal to use this roast to spread awareness about what UCPCC does and grow their presence in the area while people also get to enjoy a 5-star coffee,” he adds.

The funds raised by this unique partnership with Rare Earth Coffee will go straight back into UCPCC’s programs, says Roger Slingerman, UCPCC executive director. This includes funds for upgrades to technology needs and even toward the hiring of a staff member for UCPCC’s new mobile changing station.

“Their partnership is invaluable to UCPCC and we are grateful for it!” Slingerman says. “This is a win-win for both us and Rare Earth Coffee, and we believe that great results will come from the relationship.

“We have similar relationships with PR Plumbing, Lindsay Enterprises. McDonald’s, Payroll People as well as Fansler and GL Bruno - all local business that support UCPCC with current and future funding opportunities,” Slingerman adds.

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