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Adult Day Programs

We unite and serve adults with a broad range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and other special needs. We serve adults as young as 18 years of age, while currently our oldest student is 86 years old. We recognize our students have a wide range of desires and needs, and we ensure everyone who walks through our doors has access to and opportunities for community engagement and life-enhancing programs. 

136 students

109 students

Arts and Technology &

Arts and Agriculture

Home Adaptive Program

29 students



76 students

Arts & Agriculture

Arts & Agriculture in the Community

Our innovative program recognizes that adults with disabilities show measurable progress and learn with greater retention when they are able to utilize all of their senses and where they are fully integrated into the community. Students are increasing their mobility, becoming teachers and advocates, and increasing their social sphere. More importantly, student's lives are being enriched. 

Arts & Technology

Center for the Arts & Technology

Our program is designed to meet each student at their current level of ability and encourages them to challenge themselves to reach their goals. These goals include increased mobility, selling a work of art, learning to use adaptive technology, or formulating a recipe based on the produce they grew in our garden. With one full-time nurse on staff, we're able to provide medically fragile adults a high level of care.

Home Adaptive

Home Adaptive Program

This program supplements center-based programs by offering a one-on-one exercise program or an education integrated program (either in the home or at the day program site) for individuals who qualify through the Central Valley Regional Center. We currently serve over 100 individuals throughout the Central Valley. This program serves a population who would not receive services if it weren't for UCP of Central California.



This program serves adults who live with their families in the Coalinga area. Our community integration classes include arts and agriculture, education with a focus on math and spelling and physical education. Because of our strong partnership with the CVRC, students receive UCP services and the necessary support for their inclusion, success and completion of courses.

The Nest


The Nest is designed to provide services to individuals who are ready to retire due to chronological or anatomical age, medical and/or physical needs. It will have a full-time LVN onsite and staff will be trained in the Best Friend's Approach to care for individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia. Fitness, community integration, gardening, baking and music are just a few of the opportunities that individuals may choose from.

The NEST - Fresno West

3626 W Gettysburg Ave 

Fresno, CA 93722


Arts & Technology - Fresno

4224 N Cedar Ave 

Fresno, CA 93726


CHEERS to You - Coalinga

157 E Glenn Ave 

Coalinga, CA 93210


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